It’s time to be a voice for all, return to unity and adopt a fresh perspective.

Hello, I'm Minu

For more than 14 years, Raleigh has been my home, and I have loved every second of it - from
the green oak leaves to the beautiful greenways. I am - and always have been - dedicated to
serving my community. It’s time to take a crucial step toward further progress.

I am running for District B because it’s time we actually do something about the growing
prevalence of the issues that affect us. I am running because I am fed up with the rising
divisiveness. I am running because the voices of our lower-income communities have long been
quelled to a mere whisper and often are neglected.

We need to listen to citizens, be a voice for all; a return to unity and a fresh perspective on
how to deal with the ever-evolving concerns we face as a growing population. Local government
shouldn’t be about polarized politics; NIMBY vs. YIMBY; Rich vs. Poor.


We all believe in the greatness of Raleigh, it’s time to live it.

If elected, I will be the voice of willing compromise and civil debates. Together, we can work to
implement comprehensive solutions to move forward as one of the greatest cities in the nation.

Vote Lee for Raleigh.


Affordable Housing

  • Advocate for responsible growth towards walkable neighborhoods.

  • Address ‘missing middle’ housing and allow for the construction of various dwellings.

  • Create an open dialogue with developers and builders to ensure enough affordable housing units are being constructed to keep up with the growing population.

  • Promote affordable mixed-use developments in the vicinity of transportation corridors.



  • Update infrastructure and transportation systems to keep up with the growing number of commuters. Capital Blvd and Louisburg Road need to be addressed now. 

  • Create comprehensive, long-term solutions to reduce commute times by partnering with city planners to improve transit corridors across the district.

Open Store Sign


  • Promote entrepreneurialism to grow more small businesses across areas particularly hit hard by COVID-19.

  • Focus on more economic development bringing in more jobs, including trade.

  • Ensure a living wage that considers the cost of living in Raleigh and Wake County.


About Minu


  • Substitute Teacher, WCPSS

  • Janitorial Supervisor/Administrative Assistant, MBS Pro, Inc. (My family’s small business)

  • Commissioner - Raleigh Civil Service Commission



  • 2nd Vice President, NC Democratic Party’s AAPI Caucus of Wake County

  • Guardian ad Litem, N.C. Judicial District 10

  • News Reader - NC Reading Service

  • Volunteer, Sierra Club Capital Group 



  • B.A. in Political Science at NCSU (Exp. Graduation: 2022)

Election Day

District B

District B encompasses a large and diverse portion of Northeastern Raleigh including the neighborhoods of Brentwood, New Hope, Starmount, Perry Creek, 5401, Falls River, Bedford, and Wakefield Plantation. To see if you are part of District B, download the district map or visit the voter registration site linked below.


Together, we can work to implement comprehensive solutions to move forward as one of the greatest cities in the nation.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!