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I am excited for the opportunity to work with you, my constituents, to achieve the best possible outcomes for the people of Raleigh.                                 - Minu

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With at least 5,000 new residents moving to the Triangle, the amount of traffic on our roads is expected to increase over time if we don’t take action now.   


My Plan to Reduce Traffic

I aim to reduce the need to drive everywhere in Raleigh by improving public transportation and expanding alternative transportation options across the city.

  • Make Bus Fares 100% Free - Indefinitely

    • Direct the City to seek grants and Federal and State funding to continue to fund free bus fares.

  • Expand our Transportation Options (Multimodal Transportation)

    • Ensure safe access to affordable, efficient modes of transportation ( bicycles, city bus, rail, etc.)

    • Support the development of commuter rails

    • As of today, our infrastructure doesn't support bikes and e-scooters. We must work to have the proper infrastructure in place.

  • Reform our Current Public Transit System

    • Increase buses on any given route by making bus driver pay/benefits competitive compared to other communities in the area

    • Improve and expand GoRaleigh routes

    • Expand our planned Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines

  • Advocate for Safe, Efficient, Divided Bike Lanes

    • Partner with organizations (e.g., Oaks and Spokes, Citrix, and other biking/skateboarding organizations and communities) to develop a comprehensive plan.

  • Improve our Roadways

    • Repair our failing roads

    • Update our aging infrastructure

  • Promote the responsible expansion of affordable, accessible walkable neighborhoods.

    • With walkable neighborhoods, people can be less inclined to drive when they are able to walk to their destination (the store, library, school, work)



In 2021, the City announced its plan to reduce City-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. If elected, it will be my goal to expand on this plan and work to make Raleigh carbon neutral by 2050! The offsetting of the carbon emissions that fuel climate change are essential to reversing the harm done to our environment.

My Plan to Protect the Environment

  • Expand dense, affordable, walkable neighborhoods along transit corridors while improving public transit (BRTs, light rails, etc.)

    • With less of a need to drive cars, we can promote the use of alternative modes of transportation that reduce emissions from cars.

  • What Raleigh Can Do?

  • Implement the “Plan to Reduce Traffic”

    • This plan will work in tandem with the environment plan, promoting the expansion of multimodal transportation - resulting in a decrease in emissions.

    • The average GoRaleigh bus contains approximately 26 seats. If more individuals choose to ride the bus that means these 26 seats would be filled therefore removing 26 individual vehicles on the road. This not only decreases carbon emissions but also reduces congestion on the roads.

What Can You Do?

  • Engage in bag recycling

  • Dispose of household oil properly

  • Shop Local, Shop Reused

  • Organize community gardens

  • And more!